This section provides important information on our code of conduct, wet weather and other matters that all players must read before enrolling or playing at Wakehurst Tennis.

Code of Conduct


All players at Wakehurst Tennis agree to abide by the competition rules set out by Wakehurst Tennis, Northern Beaches Tennis, Tennis Australia and any organisation operating an event either in-house or externally. Players will at all time behave in a respectful manner.


Wet Weather and Make-ups


Wet Weather

When a class is cancelled via text message due to inclement weather conditions, a rain make-up class will be created on a weekend as a courtesy within the same term.



Additional make-ups will be available for students in regular classes that are unable to make extra rain make-up times or has missed classes due to illness or special events. The make-ups must be booked in advance, are subject to availability and are to be used within the same semester.


Special Circumstance Make-ups

Special circumstance make-ups are for a student with an extended illness, making it impossible for them to attend classes. If this is the case, please contact Wakehurst Tennis to discuss your options with the business owners, Gershwin Lai or Michelle Jaggard-Lai.




We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information that we collect at Wakehurst Tennis. Please contact us if you would like a full copy of our Privacy Policy.


Consent to Use Images


When enrolling at Wakehurst Tennis, all players agree to grant Wakehurst Tennis the right to use the photograph/s and photographic negative/s (whether digital or film) on its website, social media and promotional materials, which may include, but is not limited to posters, newsletters and newspapers, catalogues, videos, etc, in relation to its tennis programmes without notice and without any fee being paid to you.


Care of Children


Before or after any lessons, privates or any sessions at Wakehurst Tennis, we are not responsible for the supervision of children unless we have agreed with their parents to collect them from or take them to school.


Your Personal Belongings


All players are solely responsible for their own belongings at all times and we do not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property at Wakehurst Tennis.